Tacticool mod apk (Unlimited gold/club pass) for android Updated June 2022

Tacticool mod apk is an epic physics-based shooter game developed by Panzerdog and has over 14 million downloads worldwide with an average rating of 4.6+. Tacticool also has won many awards such as it was named the best competitive game of the year 2019. 
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Tacticool mod apk is an epic physics-based shooter game developed by Panzerdog and has over 14 million downloads worldwide with an average rating of 4.6+. Tacticool also has won many awards such as it was named the best competitive game of the year 2019.  You’ll be amazed to hear that this game has no story to follow. This means that it has no missions (tasks) to complete. Tacticool is an online shooter game that allows you to fight zombies and enemy teams on different maps. The game offers two modes  PvP and 5v5 in first-person view (FPS) or third-person view (TPS). 

Tacticool mod apk gameplay

The game also has different additional features such as Clans to join, daily assignments to complete, and real-time voice chat options in intense battles. Tacticool is full of different weapons and equipment. As you progress in the game and reach higher tiers, you’ll be able to unlock different classes of guns and other support equipment. To win the battle against high-tier players, always carry and throw throwable grenades and plant C4 to explode your enemy’s defense system. To run faster and beat enemies with your secret moves use adrenaline and launch drones to see your opponent’s movements. The game also has high-quality top-notched graphics which improve player experience. 

Tacticool Mod apk Updated June 2022 version features:


Whether you like to play as a single-player or want to enjoy the game with your friends and family Tacticool mod apk has something for everyone. The game offers both PvP and team-based 5v5 modes. Both PvP and 5v5 team-based modes have their own unique set of gameplays. In PvP survival, you’ll be facing endless hordes of zombies. 

To gain more points and earn rewards you have to kill as many zombies as possible before you pass on. You can also use different tactics such as grenades and C4 to kill more zombies and earn higher rewards. 

5v5 team-based mode is the main mode of the game. To play in 5v5 team mode you’ll need a stable internet connection. Just like in GTA 5 San Andreas, here you can also drive cars, talk to your teammates in real-time and destroy other players’ vehicles, break fences, and break windows. Be careful while driving because your vehicle can get stuck in a marsh (swamp). 

Team DeathMatch 

Along with open world and survival mode, the Tacticool mod apk updated version June 2022 also features Team Deathmatch short-range shooting grounds. Deathmatch is a high-intensity fast mode. You’ll need to be really quick otherwise the opponent will take over you. To win the team deathmatch make sure to equip high-damaging weapons. If you are good with assault rifles or sniper rifles you have both choices in Team deathmatch. However, if you are newbies are playing the game for the first time then use assault rifles for close high intense combat. If you want to kill enemies instantly with one or two bullets then try Sniper rifles. 

Team Deathmatch also features heavy machine guns which can be effective, if you are a newbie. However, machine guns will slow down your character’s movement as they are heavy to lift up.


Tacticool Modded Apk for android also features PvE special events. You can also participate in these fast-paced TPS modes, kill zombies and support your team when needed. By participating in these events you can win additional bonuses and upgrades.

Characters and Customization

Characters and Customization in tacticool

Tacticool in total features 22 characters each with its own unique abilities. As we mentioned above it’s a physics-based game that’s why here characters are called operators. Each operator has its own unique set of abilities. These operators are also categorized based on their strength and abilities in four different categories, rare, epic, common, and uncommon. These all characters are also highly customizable. It means that by using coins you can customize these operators.

What’s newly added in Tacticool updated June 2022 Apk:

In the latest Updated June 2022 Tacticool Mod Apk an in-game event: Robbery has been added to the game. The developers have also added a new special weapon called EMP Grenade to the game. Not only this but also, developers have added some gameplay changes such as laser color for allied SMS41 for better clarity in combat has been added. Now players can also adjust balance for daily clan missions. Many known minor bugs are being fixed in the latest version. Now players will be able to enjoy the game with more smooth experience.


What is the Tacticool mod apk?

Tacticool is an action shooter game developed by Panzerdog. The game offers PvP and PvE 5v5 modes in both FPS and TPS. Just like in GTA, In PvE, you’ll be able to explore the map, drive vehicles and much more. 

What will I get if I download the mod version of the game?

If you download the Tacticool mod apk latest version. You’ll get unlimited coins which you can use for in-game purchases.

Do I need to root my device to install the mod version of the game?

No, you don’t need to root your device to install the mod version of the game.

What is the requirement to play Tacticool mod apk?

The game file is just 101 MB and 150 MB will be enough to play this game. However, your mobile version has to be 5.0 and up.


Tacticool mod apk is one of the best shooter action games for android devices. The features like PvP PvE, special events, survival mode, and over 22 character choices make this game a must-try. The game also features high-quality graphics, sound, and vehicles which add an extra layer of fun. If you are looking to try a good action game then I recommend you to try this game. If you download the mod version of the game by clicking on the above download button, you’ll get unlimited coins. You can use those coins to purchase in-game items for free. 

What's new

Minor Bugs Fixed New achievements added  



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