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Score Hero Mod Apk is an android game where you are a football (soccer) player. You start out as a rookie and work your way up to being the best player in the world. Along the way, you make choices that affect your stats and abilities.
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Score Hero Mod Apk is an android game where you are a football (soccer) player. You start out as a rookie and work your way up to being the best player in the world. Along the way, you make choices that affect your stats and abilities. The goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible and become a legend.

Score Hero mod full energy Apk is an incredibly addictive and fun game that allows you to live out your dreams as a professional footballer. The gameplay is smooth and responsive, which makes it easy to learn but hard to master. There are many different levels and challenges to complete, so there is always something new to try. You can also customize your team by buying better players and upgrading your stadium.

If you are a fan of football (soccer), then you will love Score Hero. It is one of the best football games on Android and is definitely worth checking out.

Score Hero Mod Apk latest version 2022 Features:

Before you download the game, it’s important to check out the many features that make Score Hero one of the best football games on Android.

Unlimited Coins:

Coins are the premium currency in Score Hero, and they can be used to unlock new levels or purchase premium items. You start with a limited number of coins, but you can earn more by completing levels or watching ads. However, if you download Score Hero Mod Apk, you’ll have access to unlimited coins. This means that you can buy anything you want without having to worry about running out of coins. You can also use your unlimited coins to help upgrade your players and recruit high-level talent to your team, making you even more powerful on the field.

Ads Free:

Just like most of the other free-to-play games, Score Hero also contains ads that can be somewhat annoying. However, if you download Score Hero Mod Apk just like our other provided mod apks such as Archers 2 Mod Apk, you’ll have an ad-free experience. This means that you can focus on the game without being interrupted by ads.

No Root Required:

Score Hero Mod Apk can be downloaded and installed on any Android device, regardless of whether it’s rooted or not. This makes it convenient for players who want to enjoy all the great features of the game without having to worry about whether they have the right permissions.

Endless levels and counting:

Bend shots into top corner in score hero

To provide you with endless hours of fun, Score Hero Apk offers over 800 unique levels and challenges that are constantly being updated Similar to New Star Soccer Mod Apk. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s always something new to try. As you progress through the levels, you’ll earn awards, trophies, and medals that you can use to show off your skills to friends.

Win awards and glory:

Win rewards and medals in score hero

Score Hero Apk gold mod is more than just a game – it’s a competition. You can represent your country in international tournaments, or compete against friends in Facebook leaderboards a ranking system. There are also regular events that you can take part in for a chance to win even more medals and glory.

New Score Engine:

The new Score Engine offers more freedom and strategic play than ever before. You can now make passes to specific players, and the AI will adapt to your style of play, making each game different. Not only this but also the graphics, cut scenes, and animations are incredibly detailed and realistic.

Intelligent AI:

split defences in score hero mod apk

To ensure that every game is challenging, the AI adapts to your style of play and learns from your decisions. Whether you’re an offensive player or prefer playing defense, there will always be a challenge waiting for you.


Customization is one of the most important aspects of any game, and Score Hero 2022 Mod Apk doesn’t disappoint. You can upgrade your stadium and buy new players to improve your team more like as you can in Captain Tsubasa Dream Team. There are also hundreds of avatars and customization options available, so you can make your player look exactly how you want. You can also add your name on your jersey and player profile to make it even more personal.

Premium Players Customization:

customize character in score hero

While Score Hero is completely free to download and play, there are also many premium features available. You can upgrade your players or recruit high-level players to make your team even stronger. You can also customize uniforms and use new accessories or equipment to improve your performance on the field. However, you can’t access these features unless you have the premium version of Score Hero. If you download Hero Score Mod Apk,  you’ll have access to all of these premium features for free.

Connect with friends:

One of the best things about Score Hero is the ability to connect with friends and see how they’re doing. You can also compare your progress and stats to see who’s really the best.

Google Play achievements:

As you complete levels and achieve certain goals, you’ll unlock Google Play achievements that you can share with your friends. You can also compete against others in the leaderboards to see who really is the best at Score Hero.

Sync progress between devices:

If you have multiple devices, you can easily sync your progress and game data between them using Google Play Cloud. This way, you can pick up where you left off no matter where you are.

Engaging story:

take on one shots in score hero

Score Hero Mod version tells the story of your career as a footballer, charting your progress from a rookie to a legend. As you play through the game, you’ll see cuts that help to advance the plot and add another layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Career Mode:

Beyond the basic levels, Score Hero Modified Apk also offers a Career Mode where you can play as your favorite team and try to win the championship. From negotiating contracts to training and scouting new talent, there’s a lot for you to explore in Career Mode.

explore dramatic career in score hero

You’ll start with a football club that’s struggling in the league, but with hard work and determination, you can turn things around and become a true champion. You also receive praises and rewards from fans as you progress, giving you even more incentive to succeed.


score hero quality grahpics

The 3D graphics in Score hero Mod apk highly compressed are some of the best around. From the detailed character models and stadium designs to the cut scenes that showcase your progress, everything is rendered in stunning detail. The effects and animations are also incredibly realistic, making you feel like you’re actually on the football field yourself. The game also offers a replay feature that allows you to watch your best moments over and over again.


The sound in Score Hero is just as impressive as the visuals. The crowd cheers and chants depending on the situation, adding to the game’s atmosphere. The music is also well-chosen, with each track helping to set the mood of each level. Whether you’re playing offense or defense, you’ll always know what’s going on around you thanks to the game’s sound design.


In the end, I would like to say that Score Hero Mod Apk is an excellent game that any football fan will enjoy. It’s packed with features, offers an engaging story, and has some of the best graphics and sound around. If you’re looking for a new football game to play, I highly recommend giving Score Hero a try. And if you want to get the most out of the game, be sure to download Score Hero Mod Apk for unlimited coins, unlockable levels, and an ad-free experience. If you are facing any issues while playing or downloading our Hero Score Modified version, feel free to comment below. Thank you!


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