Kiss of War Mod Apk v1.79.0 (Unlimited Money, Apk+Data) 2022

In Kiss of War, you will be able to create and customize your own Guild. You can recruit female Officers that have different personalities and skillsets in order to fight against the Invaders
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Do you like playing strategy action games? If yes then Kiss of War Mod Apk is a game for you!

In Kiss of War, you will be able to create and customize your own Guild. You can recruit female Officers that have different personalities and skillsets in order to fight against the Invaders.

There are many ways for you to enjoy this game like fighting with other Commanders or just exploring the world on your own.

Basically, it’s based on a story of women fighting and uniting to save the world from destruction. Kiss of War is a game that will keep you hooked for hours.

Kiss of War Mod Apk Features

Features of any game decide how interesting the game is going to be. So, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting features of Kiss of War Mod Apk that will help you in understanding the game in a better way.

Unlimited Coins

Coins in Kiss of War Mod Apk are used to buy different items in the game like weapons, armor, and other things. They are also used to upgrade your base camp. The more coins you have, the better as it’ll give you a great advantage over your enemies.

If you download the Kiss of War Mod Apk by clicking on the above download button, it will display unlimited coins in the inventory that you can use to buy anything you want in the game.

Ads Free

Ads are one of the most irritating things while playing a game as they pop up at the most inappropriate times and interrupt your gameplay. But don’t worry, as our Kiss of War Mod Apk doesn’t have any ads so you can play the game without any interruptions.

Multiple countries to Select

To give players the most immersive gameplay experience, the game allows them to choose different countries to play in the game. Each country has its own Country Trait and the combat as we all know and that’s also the same case in this game.

Players can choose to lead different kinds of armies and attack their enemies as they see fit. From different weapons to combat unique combats units and of course the machines, each country has something different to offer in this game.

Vivid War Scenes

Kiss of War beautiful characters

What differentiates Kiss of War from other games is its Vivid War Scenes. The developers have done a great job in recreating actual Europe landmarks and making it look like the players are really in the game. They’ve also simulated the famous war machines used during that era to make the players feel like they’re really in the game.

To let people recognize and have a better gaming experience the game developers have also included different famous landmarks from all over the world. This will bring you to the Era when legends emerged.

Real-time Multiplayer Combat

safe the world from invaders in Kiss of War

Multiplayer Mode is one of the most common and every gamer’s favorite modes no matter which game. Just like most successful action games Kiss of War also features Real-time multiplayer Combat where you fight against real players.

The main objective is still the same, to beat your opponent but it’s more difficult as you’re fighting against a human mind. You’ll need all the help you can get from other players, even when you’re strong because you won’t be fighting against one opponent. It could be an entire Guild or even more.

Brand New Troop Control System

conquer your officers hearts in kiss of war

Controls always have crucial importance in every game, and that’s also the case for Kiss of War. The new free control system used in this game lets players command multiple troops which is a very essential thing.

Players can make them march, change targets, marching routes, garrison, and much more just like in Gods of Rome action war game. All of this while being on the battlefield and in real-time.

This new system makes the game more challenging as now players need to be excellent leaders and have great strategies if they want to prevail.

Build Powerful Warships

equip lethal military vehicles in Kiss of War

To increase your chances of winning as you progress, you can build a complete Powerful Warships in Kiss of War Mod Apk and sail them in the sea to reach other islands more like you can in thePacific Warship Modified Apk. These ships will be equipped with a lot of powerful artillery that will help you in battle.

Not only that, but you can also use them to transport your troops and supplies. The more ships you have, the better as it’ll give you a considerable advantage over your enemies.

Recruit and Train Legendary Heroes

recruit stunning beauties in Kiss of War

There are a lot of great heroes in the game that can help you in battle. Each hero has its own skillset and abilities that can be used in battle.

But beware, as they can also be killed in action. To keep them alive and make them even more powerful, you need to recruit and train them. You can do this by completing quests and tasks. The more you train them, the more powerful they’ll become.

Join or Create a Guild

In Kiss of War, you can join or create your own Guild. Guilds are basically group of players to meet each other more like clans. This is a great way to team up with other players and fight together against your common enemies while playing in the multiplayer mode as we described above.

You can also help each other out by sending supplies and troops. There are a lot of benefits of being in a Guild, so make sure to join one as soon as possible.

Kiss of War Weapons Choices:

build powerful warships in kiss of war

Weapons in any War can be a deciding factor and the same is the case with Kiss of War. There are a lot of different types of weapons available in the game, from tanks to assault rifles and even grenades.

Each weapon has its own purpose and uses, so choose wisely depending on the situation. You can also upgrade your weapons to make them even more powerful.

Graphics and Sounds

Kiss of War graphics are done very well and are based on the European landmarks during the Medieval Era. The developers have put a lot of effort into the graphics to make them look as realistic as possible. The game is also set in a time when there were many famous wars going on all over the world. This makes the game more interesting as you feel like you’re a part of history.

The gameplay is very smooth and fluid because it is developed especially for low-end devices. The graphics look realistic and similar to other games like Games of Sultans. The developers also have put effort into sounds to make them more pleasing and attractive.


In the end, we can say that Kiss of War is a great game that offers a lot of features and benefits. If you’re looking for a war game that is different from the others, then this is the game for you. The graphics are very realistic and the gameplay is quite addictive. Plus, the fact that you can play it offline makes it even more attractive. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the Kiss of War Mod Apk!


Can I play Kiss of War offline?

Yes, you can play the game offline without any problems.

Do I need to root my device to install the Kiss of War Mod Apk?

No, you don’t need to root your device as the game will work fine without it.

Is the Kiss of War Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes, the Mod Apk is completely safe to download and install on your device. We have tested it ourselves and it doesn’t contain any malicious code or viruses.

How can I get unlimited coins in the game?

If you want unlimited coins, you can download the Kiss of War Mod Apk from our website. The Mod Apk will give you access to unlimited coins that you can use in the game.


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