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Fun Run 3 mod apk is a racing cartoon game quite similar to Temple Run genre games. However, what differentiates Fun Run 3 from its other same genre games is its online multiplayer modes.
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Are you tired of playing action games and want to play a game that can be fun and exciting to play? Then look no further than Fun Run 3 mod apk cartoon game. 

Fun Run 3 mod apk is a racing cartoon game quite similar to Temple Run genre games. However, what differentiates Fun Run 3 from its other same genre games is its online multiplayer modes. Although games like Temple Run 3 and Subway Surfers are good to play, they only feature offline modes and have limited maps.

Fun run 3 mod apk gameplay

Even Subway Surfers have no maps other than the trainstation street run. While on the other side, Fun run 3 mod apk new version wins in this gameplay, map choices, and mode race. The game features different types of modes, including the famous Arena Mod along with multiplayer mode that can be played online with friends and other players around the world. 

Fun Run 3 Mod Apk updated august 2022 Features:

After playing this game for hours, testing each feature of the game. I found out a lot of exciting features that you should need to know if you are making up your mind whether to download this game or not. Below are a few Fun Run 3 Mod Menu apk updated august 2022 features that I liked the most. 

Customization and Character Choices

When it comes to online multiplayer games, players always prefer character choices. Because character customization or choices allow players to show off their style to other players around the world. The Fun Run 3 Mod Menu offers a different coolest design of critters for players to show off in the forest among other players. The game features different types of cool animals such as a blue bear, a cat, a monkey or even a bunny. Pick up a character that warmth you, and then dress them up with cool boots, hats and sunglasses. Create your unique design because everyone in the multiplayer mode will notice your character and how well it is dressed up! Having a unique style will always make your running journey even more interesting. 

Multiplayer Mode:

Online 8 players multiplayer mode in Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 Mod Apk updated august 2022 is the third instalment to the series of Fun Run Saga developed by “DirtyBit”, a Norway based mobile game developers team. If you have played Fun Run 2 in the previous instalment of this series, then consider it a copy of it with more exciting and fun modes. In Fun Run 3 Multiplayer mode, you can challenge up to 8 of your friends or 8 random players online. The choice is yours! However, the only way to win is to be the fastest runner! Your rivals, no matter whether they are your friends or random players around the world. Will always try to run faster than you. So you have to crush your rivals with techniques and tactics that they might be unaware of. Otherwise, in this highly competitive multiplayer mode, you’ll end up as a losing side. 

Ridiculously Funny Running Game

You might be wondering why I used the words “Ridiculously funny game”. It’s because this game is all about having Fun and ridiculously crushing your opponents. Fun Run 3 basically mixed up legendary gameplay of classic running race games and added a new dimension of cool to improve players’ gaming experience with a vast variety of futuristic choices.

play with friends in fun run 3

Running is not going to help you reach the finish line. Instead, you have to sabotage your rival runner’s progress to win the race in the multiplayer mode. Use Slash, crush and destroy your opponents to reach the finish line. Because there is no way to win by holding back.

Arena Gameplay

Arena Mod is quite in Racing genre games. However, you might have seen it in the action games. Most of the action games, including the famous CATs: Crash Turbo Arena and Power Rangers Legacy War, features arena mode.

over 30 power ups in Fun run to choose

However, the Fun run 3 mod apk god mode Arena is slightly different than these above-mentioned games arena mode. Here it is an addicting mode where eight furries fight against eliminations. Only the three of the fastest furries will be able to make it to reach the finish lines and win special rewards as well as the ultimate glory. 

Join Clan or Form a Clan

Meeting new players or even grouping with your friends always add an extra layer of enjoyment to your gaming experience. This is the very reason why Fun Run 3 Mod Apk features Clan opportunities just like other popular games such as Block Strike. In Fun Run 3 Mod Menu Apk, you can either create your own clans or join any global clan. Joining Global Clans is the best way to show your gaming skills to others or learn from others. 

There is also a 2v2 Clan Battles mode available in Fun run 3 mod menu apk 2022. Play 2v2 Clan battles against other clans or challenge your own friends for 2v2 mode. 


Fun Run 3 Mod Apk is among some of the finest android games which offer leaderboard features. Leaderboard feature, in other words, is an algorithm-based ranking system that rank players based on their winning ratio. This is the best way for players to showcase their talent across the world. By winning more matches in Run Fun 3, players can climb high on the Leaderboard and get a chance to win special rewards. Even can get opportunities to play against the best players in the world.

Unlimited Coins

In-Game currency, also known as Coins, basically highly affects the gameplay of any gamer. If you are playing this game for the first time, you’ll get very limited coins. You have to utilize them to buy your character, customize it and play different modes. As we mentioned above, customizing your character is the best way to showcase your swag with style. With limited coins, as a new player, you won’t be able to purchase special in-game characters in Fun Run 3 Mod Apk and customize it as desired. However, if you download the Fun Run 3 Mod Menu apk latest version by clicking on the above download button. It will display unlimited coins. You can use these coins to purchase in-game resources, customize your character as desired, and enjoy the game without any limitations.

Other Cool and Fun Features

  • Over 30 new power-ups are now available in Fun run 3 mod apk new version to higher your winning chances
  • Slide and Slam: these two actions Slam and Slide are the best way to outperform your opponents and left them back in the dust
  • Avatar Customization: Along with character customization, you can also customize your profile avatar with the available option in the Fun Run 3
  • Levels: The games have lots of levels, and each next level is harder to complete. Conquer all the levels to become a true champion of the running race
  • ADS FREE: Fun Run 3 Contains ads that can be irritating when displayed in the middle of the game. If you download the mod version, you can get rid of these irritating ads.


What is Fun Run 3 Mod Apk?

It is a racing game where you can run to win in different online multiplayer and offline modes in 2v2 or 8 player challenges. The game features a lot of customization features and a leaderboard system for players to showcase their talent across the world.

What will I get If I download Fun Run 3 Mod Apk instead of the basic version?

If you download the mod version of the game. It will display unlimited coins; players can use unlimited coins to purchase in-game items, unlock more content, upgrade levels and do free shopping.

Is it safe to download the Mod version of the game?

Yes, downloading the mod version of the game is safe. Because Fun Run 3 Mod Apk has been downloaded and played by thousands of players worldwide, and to date, we haven’t received any complaints. Hence, we can say it is safe to download.


In conclusion, Fun Run 3 Mod Apk is one of the best running race games developed by Norway based developers team: DirtyBit”. The game has all the exciting features that you can expect to have in the fine game. Some of them we explained above include character customization, different modes, and Leaderboard based ranking system. I recommend you to try this game once, at least if you are looking for fun run games. If you are facing any issues while downloading, installing or playing the Fun Run 3 Mod Apk. Feel free to contact us via comment box!

What's new

  • Bug-fixes and stability improvements


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