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From the sea, mod apk is an action game developed by MASILGAMES. It has been downloaded over 10 million times. This data is provided officially by its developer. You will enjoy amazing 3D graphics and bright elements with high-quality realistic sound.
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From the sea, mod apk is an action game developed by MASILGAMES. It has been downloaded over 10 million times. This data is provided officially by its developer. You will enjoy amazing 3D graphics and bright elements with high-quality realistic sound. In this game, you will be flying to the skies through warplanes to destroy the fighter jets of your foes. You will enjoy the feelings of a real hero while playing this game.

From the Sea latest Update July 2022 version Gameplay:

Graphics and Gameplay

From the Sea Mod Apk is developed to highlight the measures taken against North Korea to prevent it from its nuclear program. Despite effective measures taken by the world, North Korea is not stepping down from its nuclear program. In this game, the United States of America and South Korea, along with their allies, will be targeting North Korean nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction by using Warplanes. All these jets will be taking off and landing on a plane at the Spratly Islands. You have to fight all the extremists and terrorists to win this war in the Middle East. 

From the Sea Mod Apk Latest version Update July 2022 for android Features:

Variety of Missions to Complete:

There are a large number of missions you have to complete. Each mission has its own specific objective. Some of these objectives are destroying the artillery gun, submarine, and military trucks. These military trucks will be carrying different weapons to facilitate the nuclear development program. You will be destroying the submarines infiltrating secretly in the West Sea. Similarly, you will be destroying the airplanes of your enemies carrying enemy fighters. AGM is the best weapon to kill your enemies in naval and ground units. If you want to replace your warplane, you will have to use a tape carrier. The Control system for each plane may vary. You will be rewarded with crystals as you complete each mission successfully.

A Large Battlefield:

Intense gameplay in From the Sea

You will have access to a large battlefield with a landscape of mountains, deserts, urban, oceans, air, and plain area. Players can use a radar system that will alert you when you are going to confront missiles from your enemy.

Use map to navigate enemies

You will enjoy playing this game with realistic three-dimensional images of warplanes and aircraft with a variety of warzones. All this you can enjoy for free in From the Sea Mod Update July 2022 Apk version for android. There is no need to worry about internet connection while playing this game. You can play it anywhere and anytime while being offline.

Create your Combat Strategies:

You will have access to a large variety of tactics and strategies to combat your enemies. Everything is upgraded like armor, engine performance of jests and warplanes, fuel capacity of tanks, and radar system to increase the detection range of missiles.

destroy enemies bases

Increased armor will result in a better defense system and an increased rate of penetration. Similarly, with increased engine performance, the speed of jets will be increased with better ability to escape from enemy missiles. Maximum fuel capacity enables you to fly farther without fuel refilling on the battlefield. You can equip your jets and airplanes with appropriate weapons.

target bases with jets

You can select and pick weapons of your choice from the Arsenal. These weapons include torpedoes, AIM, smart bombs, AGM, and many more. You can play better than your enemy by switching your battlefield from altitude to terrain and vice versa.


From the sea mod apk is a real time action game with a large variety of warplanes and a broad arsenal. These planes are MIG-21, J-20, AN-225, GUNSHIP, J-10, TU-95, B-2, B-1B, F-117, AC-130, Ka-52, S-97, KA-27, AH-53, CH-47, NH-90A, f-22, F-8, F-35C, F-4, MIG-29K, F-14, F/A-18, RAFALE, T-50, A-4, S-3B, A-6, A-10D, A-7, SU-25 and AV-8B. 

Different Modes:

Take off in different missions

The development of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons by North Korea has become an international issue. The international community is constantly warning North Korea to step down from its nuclear development program. This game is a true replica of this conflict. You will be confronting enemies of different types with various battlefields like SPRATLY ISLANDS, MIDDLE EAST, and NORTH KOREA. You will have amazing experiences with a variety of terrains ranging from deserts to oceans.

Multiple Weapon Choices:

Upgrade your weapons and jets in From the Sea

The weapon choices in action games have so much importance. This is the reason many action games such as Six Guns Mod Apk and Dead Zed Mod Apk offer multiple gun choices. In From the Sea Mod Apk for android 2022, you will have to use different kinds of Arsenal in different kinds of terrains. You can destroy the submarines of your enemy by using torpedoes.

Complete different missions in from the sea

You can use different types of bombs to destroy warships and the bases of your enemy. Some of these bombs are MOAB (massive ordnance air blast or mother of all bombs), EMP, CBU87, GBU-12 (guided bomb unit), and MK82 (unguided general-purpose bomb).

Similarly, you will be using a variety of air-air guided missiles to shoot down helicopters and fighter jets of your enemies. These missiles are PHOENIX, SPARROW, SIDEWINDER, and AMRAAM. You will have to use air-to-ground guided missiles to destroy the tanks and bases of your enemy. Some examples of air-ground guided missiles are SLAM_ER, HARPOON, HELLFIRE, JASSM, TAURUS, and MAVERICK.

Ranking System:

This is a very famous feature, and almost every good action game, including BrawHalla Mod Apk and Heroes Arena Mod Apk, has ranking systems. However, From the Sea ranking system is based on the base of points you earn. You will be earning more points and rewards with the completion of each mission. If you want to compete with your friends throughout the world, you will have to rank up by completing different missions with different objectives.

Other Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Everything Unlocked 
  • Ads Free


What is From the Sea Apk?

It is an action game developed by MasilGames. The main theme of the game is to fly above the sky with Warplanes to destroy opponents’ fighter jets and bases. Players will be enjoying all the battlefield entertainment in an amazing 3d graphics with high-quality realistic sound.

What Will I get If I download the Mod version of From the Sea game?

If you download the mod version of the game. It will display unlimited coins. Players can use unlimited coins to purchase in-game items or unlock fighter jets and more missions.

Do I need to root my device to install the mod version of the game?

No, you don’t need to root your device to install the mod version of the game. 


In Conclusion, From the Sea Mod Apk Update July 2022 is one of the best action games to experience on your android devices. The game has all the qualities that a fine game has to have, including a ranking system, different weapons, airplanes, and modes to play on. You won’t get bored even playing for hours and hours. If you are looking for an action game, I recommend you try From the Sea Mobile game. 

What's new

 Update July 2022

  • Minor Known bugs fixed



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