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Back Wars Mod Apk is an action ancient theme-based game developed by the "MDickie" android game developers team. The game was a hit and downloaded by over 100K players around the world. I also downloaded and played this game and found out some interesting features as well as the Cons of this game. So, without wasting any time, let's get started. 
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Do you want to experience the life of your ancestors, how they were living back in 1000 AD or 1002 AD? When everything was pure and natural, you can call it a time. When the science and technology revolution was starting out? If yes, then look no further than Back Wars Mod Apk, an action ancient survival game. 

Back Wars Mod Apk is an action ancient theme-based game developed by the “MDickie” android game developers team. The game was a hit and downloaded by over 100K players around the world. I also downloaded and played this game and found out some interesting features as well as the Cons of this game. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started. 


Back wars mod apk gameplay

You might be thinking that this game is going to be similar to other ancient action games such as War Troops 1917 and Clash of King. But that’s not the case with Back Wars Mod Apk latest version agust 2022. In this game, an army travels back in time, around 1000 to 1002 AD, to rule the world with advanced technologies.

It’s more like a game where time travels exist, and an army travels back in time to rule the world for betterment, but they get more than what they expected from their primitive counterparts. So, as a leader of hundreds of warriors who came from different parts of the world and had different cultures, you have to lead the resistance.

knights vs vikings fight in 1000 AD in Back Wars

The game, in total, features two types of gameplay. You can either play solo or can command the entire army. You have to choose wisely because playing solo is more fun but hard to survive. While on the other side, commanding an entire army isn’t easy either. Because you have to create different plans and strategies to keep your opponents on the back foot. Also, keep in mind that it’s a strategy action game, and when you think it’s over, history might repeat itself. Hence, you have to make quick decisions wisely. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing the battle.

Back Wars mod apk Vip Updated August 2022 Features:

Back wars apk unlocked offers a lot of features that I wish I could explain here. However, if I have to pick one of the best things about this game, then it would be cultural diversity. The game is not about fighting or taking over the world.

arabs vs persia fights in Back wars mod apk

It purely has a diversified rich map and shows the culture of every part of the world. In Back Wars Mod Apk, if you select Arab as a region, the game will revolve around Arab culture. How Arabs were living in 1000 AD to 1002 AD, such as their dresses and the way of travelling, and much more, has been captured in this game. The same applies to other regions. Whatever region you want to explore, the game has captured it, whether it’s Asian, American, Arab, or any other. Below are some of the most exciting features of the game that you’ll be enjoying in back wars mod apk.

Characters and Upgrades:

Time travel exist in Back War

You might have seen games that feature dozens of characters along with character customization, such as games like Power Rangers Legacy Wars and Shadow Fight 2 Titan Mod Apk. But Back Wars offer extra than these games. In total, the game features over 1,000 characters available to customize and edit. Keep in mind that all these 1,000 in-game characters are regularly replaced. This means that with each update, you’ll see new characters being added to the game.

custumize your character

It will add refreshment to your gaming experience. Characters, choices, and customization are not the only things players can upgrade in this epic strategy game. You can also choose which side and how much territory to start within this game. Players can also choose to fight between any 2 cultures around the world. While leading the entire army, you can keep as many warriors in your army as your device can handle. Although the game is free to download and install, some of its features require purchases. However, you can enjoy all the premium features if you download the Back Wars mod apk latest version 2022 for free.


responsive controls in Back Wars mod apk

Controls in any strategy or other genre games are very important. Because players judge the quality of a game, whether it’s playable or not, based on the responsiveness of game controls. Back Wars Mod Apk in total features 2 different types of controls.

While controlling your character, players can either use the famous “Classic” controls, which is also known as a 1-handed control system or “Dual Wield,” where players can control each specific task separately with both hands. Most games feature a Classic control system. If you are not already familiar with any of these controls available in Back War, you can switch to the second one without quitting the game. Just pause the action in the middle of the game by clicking on the dateline and learn controls via guide. Players can also go through the scrolls or books that are available in the game to learn more about the in-game controls. 

Quick Switch System:

This is a unique feature of Back Wars Mod Apk updated august 2022 that allows players to quickly change their character. In other words, players can switch between one team character to another character. 

By only either tapping on the health meter of that member or pointing arrows at them

on the battlefield. There is also a commander mode available in the game. By activating the commander mode, players can step back and give direction to their team members by swiping them from one location to another. In the commander mode, players not only can relocate the other team members’ positions but also can give instructions to fight an enemy, pick up an object, and many more. To give your team more clarified instructions while relocating them, players can zoom in and out by tapping on the center of the screen.

Campaign Mode and Map:

Open world huge map in Back wars

The campaign mode of Back Wars Mod Apk is one of the hardest modes to play. It requires players to increase their land (territory). To do so, players can move units from one place to any connected one. This way, players can increase their territory. Players can also attempt to increase their territory by either taking over the rival territory or can fortify an existing territory. Keep in mind that it is easy to invade and take over any territory, but it’s hard to defend for a long time. Over time the population of inhabited territory might grow. As a commander, it is important to control as many as possible. 

Cons of Game:

Although the game has won the hearts of thousands of players worldwide. However, it has issues as per users related to performance. According to developers, it is the first-ever largest scale game that has been built to date by them. Due to so many features and as the population of your territory grows, the game might become unstable to play on lower devices. If you want to enjoy this game, at best, you might need high-end devices. There is also a Population feature under “display options” in the game that allows players to reduce the number of people on the screen. This will somewhat stabilize the performance of the game.

Other Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Coins 
  • Free to Play
  • Free Shopping 
  • Everything Unlocked
  • Ads Free


What is Back War Mod Apk?

It is an action ancient theme-based strategy game where you can play the role of a commander or a Solo fighter. The game features different cultures and a huge map full of rich experiences. 

What will I get If I download the Mod version of Back War?

If you download the modified version of Back War, it will display unlimited coins. Players can use unlimited coins to purchase in-game resources and unlock in-game content. 

Do I need to root my android device to install Back War Mod Apk?

No, you don’t need to root your device to install the mod version of the game. Just download the mod version from our site and start your gaming journey asap!


In Conclusion, Back Wars Mod Apk is one of the best action ancient theme-based games that let players control the gameplay. The game offers all the finest that a player can expect to be in a good game, including customization, character switching, and Regional map choices along with Campaign mode. I recommend you to try this game. If you want to download the Back wars apk unlocked, click on the above download button. In this mod version, you can enjoy many premium features for free, including in-game resources and unlimited coins to purchase items from the built-in game shop. If you are facing any issue downloading or installing the game. Feel free to let us know or contact us via the contact form!

What's new

  • Faster frame rate 
  • Minor bugs fixed


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