Airport City Transport Manager Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Updated June 2022


Airport City Transport Manager Mod Apk is one of the best city-building games for you, with plenty of quests and competitions to keep you entertained.
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Are you looking for a flight simulator that isn’t just about flying planes? Then Airport City Transport Manager Mod Apk is one of the best city-building games for you, with plenty of quests and competitions to keep you entertained. In this game, you start from a small town and develop it into a bustling metropolis.

Players can also join alliances with other players to complete joint quests. And with regular updates that add new aircraft, buildings, and destinations, you’ll never get bored. To create alliances players will have to find an airline commander just like you from a neighboring city and join forces to make the game even more fun.

This is not just like other airplane games where you’re only focused on flying the plane. In this game, you need to think about how to develop the city so that it can accommodate all the new arrivals. Players can also customize their airplanes and can even travel from one City to another City to see how their development compares.

Even if you’re not into city-building games, this is a simulation game that’s worth trying out. It’s one of the best airplane games because it’s so much more than just flying.

Airport City Transport Manager Mod Apk Gameplay/Story:

The gameplay of Airport City Transport Manager Mod June 2022 Updated Apk is about more than just flying planes. You will have to take care of an entire city in order to make your airport run smoothly. This means building roads and other infrastructure, as well as providing services such as fire and police stations. You will also have to manage the airport itself, making sure that the planes are able to take off and land safely.

The game is split into two main parts: the city-building part, and the flight simulation part. In the city-building part, you will be responsible for developing the infrastructure and services that are required to support the airport. In the flight simulation part, you will be in charge of flying the planes and making sure that they take off and land safely.

There are also a number of other tasks that you will have to perform, such as managing the airport’s finances, dealing with emergencies, and keeping the passengers happy. The game is set in a fictional world, and you will be able to travel to different parts of the world as you progress through the game. Whether you want to become a master of the skies or a city-building tycoon, Airport City Apk for androids is the game for you.

Airport City Transport Manager v8.31.24 Mod Apk Updated June 2022 version Features:

Unlimited Coins:

The in-game currency in simulation games is like a backbone. Players can use in-game currency to purchase different items in the game build town and even manage an international transport hub. With the help of our Airport City Mod Apk, you can get Unlimited Coins in the game so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

Free Shopping:

With the help of our Airport City Mod Apk, you can make Free Purchases in the game. You will not have to spend a single penny from your real-world money. Just download and install our Airport City Mod Apk and you are good to go.

Ads Free Experience :

Ads are one of the most annoying things in any game. Just like other free-to-play games the basic version of Airport City transport manager also contains ads. However, with the help of our Airport City Mod Apk, you can get rid of all the ads and enjoy the game without any interruption.

Test, Develop and Build:

Travel around the world in airport transport manager city (1)

These three words Test, Develop and Build are very important in the game. You will have to do all three of these things to be successful. These three words also have different meanings in the game.

Test your Airline Commander skills:

You are the captain of your own airline and it’s up to you to make it thrive. Test your skills and see if you can become the ultimate airline commander!

Develop your own airport:

Build and manage your very own airport and turn it into a thriving travel hub. Upgrade your airport to accommodate more travelers and unlock new buildings and facilities.

Build your own aircraft collection:

The collection is very important in the game. Having a good collection of Aircraft will always attract your neighbors to join alliances with you and also help you in times of need. There are many different types of dozens of aircrafts available in the game that you can collect.

Build a Town:

Build town in airport city transport manager

You are in charge of building a town from the ground up. You will need to build houses, businesses, roads, and much more. The better you build your town, the more people will want to live there. To become an ultimate tycoon you have to build your town and upgrade it to a unique megapolis. By doing this you will be able to collect more profits to support the needs of your airport and enhance its infrastructure.

Manage an International Transport Hub:

Your ultimate goal behind building a town is to turn it into a bustling metropolis. As your town grows you will be able to manage an international transport hub. This will require you to improve the infrastructure of your airport and megapolis to accommodate more travelers.

Interact with like-minded players:

Manage international transport hub (1)

As I mentioned above you can interact with your like-minded neighbors to get help in tough times or just to chat. These interactions will help you build better relationships and will also be fun. Travel with your friends to your favorite destinations and bring home unique collections.

Special Events:

Players can join alliances and participate in special events. These events will help you earn rewards and will also be a lot of fun. Be the famous business tycoon you always wanted to be in these events and let everyone know who is the boss.

Customize your Aircraft:

Customize Airoplane in Airport City (1)

To make your Aircraft more unique you can add different skins and decals. There are many different types of skins and decals available in the game. You can also add different types of engines and other parts to make your Aircraft more efficient. Color Customization will always help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Explore the world with your aircraft:

Transport passengers from one place to another

The world is your oyster in Airport City transport manager Unlimited Mod Menu 2022 Latest version Apk. You can travel to any destination you want with your aircraft. Pick up one of your favorite Aircraft from your collection and start exploring the world.

Responsive Controls:

Controls are very important in any game. But in Airport City mod apk anti-ban Updated June 2022, it is even more important because you are dealing with a lot of Aircraft. The controls are very easy to learn and use. You will have no problem controlling your Aircraft just like Pacific Warship Mod Apk if you have played any other flight simulator game before or even if you are a newbie.

Realistic Visuals:

Graphics are one of the best things in Airport City Mod Apk v8.31.24 latest version. The graphics are very realistic and will make you feel like you are actually in the game similar to Designer City Mod Apk. The environment is also very well designed and you will feel like you are in a real futuristic city where Aircraft.

In-depth Quality Sound:

To have a realistic experience, sound is a very important factor. The sound of the Airport City Mod Apk is very realistic and will make you feel like you are in the game. The music is also very good and will keep you entertained throughout the game.


In the end, I would just like to say that Airport City Transport Manager Apk is one of the best simulation games out there. The game has everything that a good simulation game should have. If you are looking for a good City Building or Air-plane transport manager game to play then I would highly recommend you to try Airport City Mod Apk.

What's new

Update June 2022 v8.31.24

  • Cross-platform Added. Now players can play on different devices without losing progress
  • Bug fixes



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